Monday, September 21, 2009

Go Karyn! It's Your Birthday!

You know that song September by Earth Wind and Fire. The first line is “Do you remember the 21st night of September?” Well, I do! Okay, I don’t remember the exact night in 19-ahem when I came into the world, but I’ve made a point in remembering that day ever since! Today is my birthday!

I know people who don’t make a big deal about their birthdays. They like them to pass without any fanfare or even any major announcements or acknowledgement. Not me – I’m sure many will blame the only child in me but I absolutely love my birthday. I don’t need expensive gifts or big parties but I do like to celebrate my day! Major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and The Fourth of July belong to everyone but my birthday is my special day (okay, I share it with Ricki Lake, funny guy Bill Murray, cutie pie Luke Wilson, and country singer Faith Hill).

Here is a list of reasons why people should make at least a little deal out of their birthdays.

10. Some places let you eat for free on your birthday (and a free meal is always a good thing).
9. You’ve made it though another year and a lot of folks weren’t that lucky.
8. You are officially a year older but you don’t look any older than you did yesterday.
7. If the hubs/wife or significant other forgets, you can milk a few more free meals out of it (I’ll say it again, a free meal is always a good thing).
6. Name another occasion where you can get people to sing to you.
5. Cake
4. It’s like your own personal New Year’s Day! Make new resolutions. Set some goals.
3. You could score some nice gifts, or at least a few gift cards or funny e-cards.
2. You can act as silly as you want and use your birthday as an excuse.
1. No birthday? Consider the alternative.

One thing I never do on my birthday is work. As you read this I’m either:

Sleeping in.
Eating strawberry covered pancakes.
Dancing to my special birthday mix CD.
Somewhere watching a funny movie.
Getting taken out to dinner - which makes free meal # 2 ;)
Digging into my birthday cake
Singing in the car on my way home.

It’s my birthday! Do something ridiculous!!!