Monday, February 8, 2010

Win in 2010: It’s Not Too Late

This is the sixth in a six part series called Win in 2010 designed to help readers stick to their goals and make the most out of the New Year.

Maybe you didn’t set any goals for the year. Maybe you set some goals and fell off track. Whatever the case may be it’s not too late to start or start over!

As a society, it’s our tradition to make resolutions or set goals at the beginning of the year. New Year, new beginnings, new goals, it makes sense. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can decide to make a change at any time of the year. In fact, setting your goals or steeling your resolve may make even more sense when it’s not the beginning of the year. Setting your goals now, doesn’t have the same pressure as setting them on January 1st.

If it’s something you have been thinking about doing, why not get started? If you started and fell off course, replace that discouragement with a renewed desire. Falling off track isn’t the problem. Everyone falls off-track. It’s staying off-track where the problems start.

Set a goal. And remember…

1. Don’t set too many goals. To keep your focus, limit your goals to no more than three.
2. Set goals that you want to and are committed to achieving. Never set a goal just because you (society or someone else) think you should.
3. Pick the people who have the resources, the knowledge and desire to see you succeed.
4. Develop a Plan B (and C) that you can use to get you back on track when you get off course.

It’s never too late! Start now!

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