Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting to Goal: Roadblocks

Every Monday in January, we will be looking at setting and keeping a realistic set of goals. Join us for tips on staying on track and setting workable and achievable goals.

It's going to happen. It's not a matter of if, but when. You will get upset and light up a cigarette. Your cold will derail your workout plans and you'll have a hard time starting up again. A major car expense will eat up all the money you managed to save. Maybe someone close to you is threatened by your weight loss.

The road to success is filled with roadblocks. The reason many people don't acheive their goals is that they let the roadblocks stop them. Yet, when you are driving and you encounter a roadblock, you don't just stop, you look for the detour ... an alternate route.

When you encounter a detour while pursuing your goals, you should do the same thing ... look for the detour. Find the alternate path.

When you are the one putting up the roadblock, your self-talk can provide the detour. When you make a mistake, resist the temptation to beat yourself up and use words like always and never. For example, "I always mess up," or "I never get anything right."

Show yourself the encouragement and compassion that you would show a child. You would not tell a kid that she'd never learn how to ride a bike if she fell. You'd encouage her to get back up and ride, no matter how many times it took.

If an unexpected event causes you to derail, change your outlook. If car repairs or another emergency ruins your saving plan, look on the bright side. You had the money to pay for the car repairs. In the past, maybe you wouldn't have, maybe you would have had to borrow it or put it on a credit card. Recognize that stopping after a derailment won't help you in the long run, but getting back on track will.

If a person is your roadblock, there are a few approaches you can take. Talk to them about it. Many times husbands fear their wives losing weight. They think that as she loses the weight, she'll also lose interest in them. Assure him that a healthier and happier you, will lead to a healthier and happier couple. If a friend is threatened by your weight loss, consider having a sit-down with them as well. Otherwise, recognize that they aren't on your team and leave them out of your journey.

Don't discuss your challenges, successes or issues with a person who is trying to sabotage you. The reason you need to have a 'team' in place to help you reach your goal is to identify those people who will support and encourage you and those who will not. Keep the relationship but keep them at a distance when it comes to accomplishing your specific goal.

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