Monday, May 23, 2011

Keys to Happiness: Finding the Humor

Forget your troubles come on get happy! For this six week series, we'll discover some of the keys to happiness!

I'm a big proponent of humor. Of course, there are times to be serious, but there are just as many times when a light approach - with yourself and others - goes a long way.

There is good humor (not the ice cream!) and not-so-good humor. Good humor seeks to find common bonds and it never hurts. The other humor is offensive and often painful. Humor at the expense of others is not what I'm talking about.

I enjoy a good sit-com, a funny movie or a well-told joke but it goes beyond that. Out of college, I worked for a temp agency and had a lot of ridiculous jobs. It was frustrating, but I also knew it was funny. One job stuck out in particular. Here I was a very recent college grad, working as Santa's Helper, complete with elf hat and shoes (with bells on them!). Every morning I looked in the mirror, I had to laugh.

Meanwhile, I kept looking for work; the Santa's Helper gig paid my bills in the meantime. I knew one day, I would look back and laugh (even harder than I did at the time) at the whole experience. The experience was a memorable one and as I look back on it, the frustration has faded, but the funny remains!

We had an ice storm a few months ago and as a dog owner, I have to go outside no matter what. So Marty and I ventured out that cold and icy morning. I had to laugh as I watched him try to keep from slipping as he tried to 'do his business.' Of course, moments later, the joke was on me, as I started slipping and sliding on the ice. I laughed out loud and I'm sure my neighbors thought I was crazy, but that's okay. I'm sure if Marty could laugh, he's have been right there laughing with me (or at least at me).

My point is that every day, there are opportunities for laughter, especially if you have kids. Start seeking those out. The great part about it is the more you seek out humor, the easier it is it find.

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Glorious Day said...

We all know the phrase, "Laughter is the best medicine." Studies have actually proven that laughter strengthens our immune system, protects us against heart disease, releases endorphins, and relaxes our entire body. I definitely agree that finding humor in our situation and taking the time to laugh can help us be happy!