Monday, November 12, 2012

Get It Together Girl: The Philosophy

This brief four-week series will introduce the workbooks in the Get It Together Girl series.

I'm a writer and have been all of my life. After getting my coaching certification, I found that I had a unique opportunity to combine my interest in coaching with my passion for writing. This had two results. The first one is this blog. The Lose the Excuses blog gives me the opportunity to write about coaching-type topics. Here I can reach people with messages that are positive, practical and, hopefully a few, that help readers be more productive.

However, I wanted to do more and the result is the Get It Together Girl series of workbook.

Through my coaching clients and conversations in general, people shared with me the obstacles they felt kept them from achieving their goals. Surprisingly, many of them weren't big things, but little ones. By taking one topic at a time, the Get It Together Girl workbooks were born. Filled with practical information, my goal wasn't to uncover brand new ways to do everything but to put a series of solutions in front of people and, most importantly, give them a framework to take action.

The workbooks are just that - books designed to be worked - not just read. They are short, targeted and contain daily action items. To me, reading and researching are great but after a point, they become another form of procrastination. There are times when reading takes the place of doing. So, at the end of the day, the reader has amassed a lot of knowledge through reading but none of the results that come from doing. Get It Together Girl workbooks are designed to get the reader to take action.

So far there are three books in the series:

  1. Get It Together Girl!: A 28-Day Guide to Practical NOT Perfect Home Organization
  2. Get It Together Girl!: It's About Time: Finding It, Saving It, Making the Most of It
  3. Get It Together Girl!: Getting to Goal: Your Dreams, Your Desires, Your Way

I self-published the workbooks through Amazon (Kindle) and Amazon CreateSpace (paperbacks). It's an exciting and empowering process, to undertake your own publishing. Gone are the days of having to beg a publisher to look at your work!

I am looking at creating workbooks for office organization, money-saving tips. What other topics, would you like to see?


Lizzy said...

Would love a "Get It Together Girl" book about a realistic approach to weight loss.

Karyn L Beach said...

Good idea!