Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Need to Clean My Closet

Before you get all ready for some tantalizing confessions, you should know that I really do need to clean my closet – not the metaphorical closet with the skeletons (not too much there ... and what is there is pretty dusty) but the real one, the one with the clothes. And the shoes. And the purses.

I’m pretty organized. Okay, I’m very organized. I am a list-making, planner-carrying, organized fool. I moved into my new house on the Saturday before Labor Day. By the day after Labor Day, every box had been emptied and broken down. Everything had been put away and I had even hung the pictures. I am organized.

But then there is the closet … and the car. I hate that nagging feeling of needing to do this.

Think about how draining those things you should do but haven’t done drain you. Every time you walk by the guest bathroom, and think about that broken towel rack. When you open that desk drawer and can’t even find a pen in amidst all the clutter, it drains you. All these little unfinished and undone tasks drain us of our precious energy.

Think about how great it feels when you’ve done that spring cleaning or when you finally fix that leaky faucet. That’s us reclaiming our energy. Taking care of the little things can make a big difference.

As soon as I get back home (I'm in San Diego as I write this), I'm going to tackle both the closet and the car!

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