Thursday, January 29, 2009

If You Want to Receive ... Ask!

Ask and you shall receive. It sounds so simple. The problem is a lot of time, we forget the first part and then get bent out of shape when the second part doesn’t happen.

While out with the girls one night, the conversation inevitably turned to men and one of the girls had a serious problem. She had just started dating this guy and … she wasn’t getting enough sex. Yes, I know this is a problem that many men wish they had!

She was frustrated and infuriated! She explained that she had inferred, implied, alluded and insinuated. She had beaten around the bush, walked around the block and sent up smoke signals. But the one thing she didn’t do was ask! She never made her desires known.

When I asked her why she hadn’t asked, she pouted and said, “Well, he should know.”


How would he know what she wanted, if she didn’t tell him?

Think about all the problems that could be resolved, all the hurt feelings that could be spared and all the misunderstandings that could be avoided, if people would just ask for what they wanted.
  • The boss should know you want the promotion or that you need the raise.
  • Your friend should know that you don’t appreciate her always being late.
  • Your neighbor should know how much that barking dog gets on your nerves.

Even if they should know it doesn’t hurt to ask for it. And I mean ask. Don’t be cute about it. Be adult about it - state it clearly and plainly (and of course, tactfully).

If you want the promotion, let your boss know. If tardiness or barking dogs works your nerves, make that known too. And, on behalf of men all over, I say; if you want more sex, let him know it! Ask and you shall receive!

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