Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love It to Leave It

Lately, job satisfaction has been a major issue in my coaching and workshops. With the economy making jobs more and more scarce, a lot of people are feeling stuck where they are.

Having been there, I know all too well what it feels like to dread going to work and the ripple effect it can have. You get up grouchy, dreading another day, you leave work stressed, you come home pick an argument with the significant other, snap at the kids, and then prepare for yet another frustrating day. I once had a job so bad that I actually had nightmares about it. Imagine that, I couldn't even get away from it in my sleep!

So, exactly what is a disgruntled desk jockey to do when new employment opportunities are few and far between and your currently reality far from idyllic?

Find a way to love it. Yes, love it. I'm not talking about a fake, saccharine, insincere 'love'. And, I'm not talking about going all 'sweetness and light'. I do mean that you should find something you do like, or enjoy or appreciate about your job.
  • Do you have great benefits?
  • Does your job afford you a certain amount of flexibility?
  • Do you have great coffee?
  • Do you have a couple of great office buddies?
  • Is there a great little restaurant around the corner?
Focusing on the good things about your current position serves two purposes - one immediate and one with more far-reaching effects. First of all, by focusing on the good, you make your everyday life more bearable (trust me, your family will thank you). Second, you are more likely to attract something better into your life when you get content with what you have right now. That's right. A more positive outlook about your current job will actually help you attract a better job down the line.

For my clients, I often ask them to come up with a list of at least 10 things that they like, enjoy or appreciate about their jobs.

What items would be on your list?

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Karyn Beach said...

Okay, I'll start since I am experiencing a little bit of this at my day job.

1. Great workplace buddies
2. Love the cafe in the building next door
3. I have a great office with a door and a window
4. Good, very affordable benefits
5. Easy commute
6. Flexiblity in hours
7. Not usually very stressful job
8. Enjoy the work I do
9. Occassional travel
10. Enjoy 97% of the people I work with