Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Not an Option

Resignation isn't always about quitting your job. No, I’m talking about resignation as it relates to a specific state of mind. When you are resigned to something, you throw your hands in the air and sigh. describes resignation as “an accepting, unresisting state; submission; acquiescence.” In other words, it’s ‘giving up.’

I know a number of people who are miserable. They stay in jobs they hate, relationships they loathe, or are just in situations that they do not want to be in. Their response to their circumstances is resignation.

  • “At least I have a job.”
  • “You know, someone is better than no one.”
  • “Well, what can I do?”

Yes, it’s a blessing of sorts to have a job in a stagnant economy but does that mean that you don’t even try to find something different, something better? Hiring may have slowed dramatically but there are still jobs out there. But, you won’t find them if you don’t look.

As my dad told me many years ago, when you stay with the wrong person, you are denying yourself the opportunity of meeting the right one. Is being miserable worse than being alone for a moment?

You can always do something. In my book, you have to do something. Doing nothing and letting life happen to you is not and should not be an option. If your relationship is on the rocks, you work on it or you leave. If your job isn’t working out, you at least start looking for something else.

The bottom line is that you are in control of your life. You have to take the reins. Your boss won’t do it. Your spouse won’t do it. As much as they would like to your parents and your family can’t do it. It’s up to you.

You can pray about it. You can meditate about it. You probably should do those things but you can’t get off your knees, sit on your sofa and expect a miracle. Yes, miracles happen – God can turn rivers red, speak through a burning bush and walk on water. But most of the time, God, Spirit, the Infinite Universe or Fate (whatever image works for you) works miracles though people and situations.

Resign those feelings of resignation. Lose the excuses. Get off your behind. And make things happen.

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