Thursday, June 18, 2009

Got Questions????

Whether you realize it or not, you are in constant conversation with yourself – no not in a crazy-hallucinating-talking-to-a-little-purple-imaginary-troll-inside-your-head sort of way; but in a constant internal monologue sort of way. And like any conversation, you are constantly asking and answering questions.

What kind of day would you be having if you were asking yourself questions like these?

  • Why can’t it be Saturday?
  • How come there is always so much traffic?
  • I'm so tired. Will I really have the energy to work out after work?
  • How did she manage to get the promotion?
  • Why aren’t there any decent restaurants around here?
  • How come I never meet any decent men?
You get the picture.

Whatever you ask, your mind will work on coming up with the answers. Basically, the questions we ask, determine the answers we get.

If we want different responses, we need to ask different questions.

Ask "Why do I always attract losers?” Your mind will come up with answers. "Because you are a loser magnet." "Because all of the good ones are taken." "Because you should have married your ex." Now, don't those answers make you feel good!
If you asked, instead, "What can I do to meet more quality men (or women)?" you automatically put yourself into a more positive and proactive mode. You will automatically start coming up with answers to your questions.
"Maybe I should take that class." "I could start attending those networking meetings." "So-And-So knows a little bit of everybody, maybe she could introduce me to someone." Now, how do those answers make you feel.

Try it.
Instead of ... "How come I'm always broke?"
Try "What can I do to start spending less money."
Don't ask, "How did I get stuck in this crappy job?"
Ask, "What is it that I really want to do?"
Want to make a real difference in your life, start by replacing your puny and pathetic questions with positive and powerful ones!

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"Lose the Excuses"...of course, you're a Virgo.

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