Thursday, June 11, 2009

Want to Be Blessed? Be a Blessing!

We spend our days praying, planning and plotting to get what we want. We know how much it would cost to break even, how much weight we want to lose, the kind of mate we are looking for, or if you have a mate, what he or she needs to do to ‘make you happy’. A lot of people live out of the “This is what I want/need/expect” paradigm. But sometimes we need to change it up a bit.

Instead of focusing on the blessings we want, we need to find a way to be a blessing to someone else. In other words, we need to get out of the Me Zone and travel into the worlds of We or even You. I’m not talking about a lifetime of martyrdom and self-sacrifice, but I am saying when possible, be a blessing to someone else and you in turn will be blessed.

You may be blessed with a few moments free of worry. When you are busy helping someone else, you become too preoccupied to worry about your problems – at least temporarily. When you help someone else, you can also be blessed with the satisfaction that comes with being able to solve a problem. While talking to a friend a few weeks ago, she expressed a desire to start blogging but didn’t know how to start. Right there, while we were on the phone, I helped her set up a blog. For me, hers was an easy problem to solve. I was online anyway and it just took me a few minutes. The excitement and gratitude she felt gave me a nice little boost too.

Being a blessing to someone helps you sow seeds of success. When you reach out to others in their time of need, you increase the likelihood that they might be there for you in your time of need. Now, this is interesting because it’s not always tit-for-tat. Just because you helped Jill doesn’t mean that Jill will appreciate it or want to reciprocate it, and if she doesn’t that’s fine. But if, when you can, you help Jill, Jack, Jerry and Jen, more often than not, one (if not more) of them will come through for you when you need it.

Be a blessing and you will be surprised at how often you are blessed!

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