Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Good to be a Grown Up

I’ve been an adult for over 20 years now. Thank goodness, adulthood isn’t what I thought it would be! When I was younger, I thought that being grown up meant growing serious and stern. I thought adulthood and fun couldn’t be in the same equation.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot more to be serious about as an adult: jobs, children, careers, bills, retirement accounts, healthcare, insurances, cars and car repairs and the list goes on and on. Yet, we don’t have to be so serious all of the time.

I find things to laugh about on a daily basis and I’m glad about that. I have friends that I laugh with and have a good time with. I still act goofy and if you have ever pulled along side of me at a stop light when a good song is on, you know what I mean.

Bring a Little Levity Into Your Life!

1. Smile
2. Have a friend or two who have a good sense of humor. Put them on speed dial.
3. Do something you enjoy everyday
a) play with your kids
b) play with your pet
c) watch a show that makes you laugh out loud
d) listen to music that makes you move
e) find an exercise you like to do and do it
f) talk to someone who naturally makes you laugh
g) if you see something funny laugh
h) enjoy a good meal or snack
i) get enough sleep
j) subscribes to blogs or newsletters that make you smile
k) relax, leave a little earlier so you don’t have to rush. Rushing is no fun!

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