Monday, July 19, 2010

You Can't Take It Back

You can't put toothpaste back in the tube and you can't take back words said in anger. You can try but it just doesn't work.

An angry moment is a seductive moment. It feels good to let those hot words dancing on the tip of your tongue finally jump off. It's amazing when days, weeks, months or even years of pent-up frustration finally explodes. The dizzy, frantic and overwhelming feeling of anger is almost intoxicating.

But that intoxication comes at a price. The anger hangover can't be slept off. It lingers ... sometimes forever. Words said in anger don't go away. In fact, they create a deep and lasting impression and often, "I'm sorry," isn't enough to repair the damage.

There is a role for anger. It can be a very valid expression of emotion but like all emotions it has a time and a place. Anger can light a fire under you. It can motivate you to take action. Anger can ignite your primal response to fight and protect yourself or your family.

Yet too much anger is dangerous and damaging. Unfortunately, those closest to us are often the focus of our anger and it's with them that anger can leave the deepest scars.

The urge to lash out in anger is real and it's strong, but often it's also fleeting. Don't let a fleeting feeling cost you a marriage, a friendship or a career.

Keep the toothpaste in the tube.

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