Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Colors of Customer Service

I've been a busy girl. I just uploaded my second book to Amazon Kindle. My first was Get It Together Girl a short workbook about getting organized in just 15 minutes a day. It's full of tips and tricks I use to get and stay organized. For my second book, The Colors of Customer Service, I went in a completely different direction.

As a trainer, I've taught my share of customer service classes. No matter how much fun and engaging the course and the exercises, the message is always the same, "The customer is always right." While that may be true, it's only half of the equation. My philosophy is simple, "You can't get service with a smile by someone wearing a frown!" If you don't address the needs of the customer service representative, they will never produce outstanding service.

Similar to Who Moved My Cheese, The Colors of Customer Service gets its point across through a story. The story takes plays in a world run by chameleons who change color based on mood. New customer service supervisor Peter is mortified when he realizes that his new team is made up of discouraged blues, disengaged yellows and disgruntled reds. During the course of the book, Peter gives them advice and techniques designed to change their colors. By the end, he's got a team of friendly pinks, professional greens and confident purples.

The book is only available now through Amazon Kindle.

However, I've launched another blog at The Colors of Customer Service. This blog will be updated every Tuesday and will focus on post about getting better customer service, businesses who give great customer service (and those who don't) and all things customer service related.