Monday, August 15, 2011

Time with Dad

My father made the trip from Cleveland to Charlotte last week. I love when he comes down because it’s the only Daddy-Daughter time we get together. Yes, I’m a 42-year old woman but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy time with my Daddy!

As a single woman with no significant significant other, we spent the first day and a half checking items off of my Daddy-Do list. When you don’t have a Honey to complete the Honey-Do tasks, you keep a list and wait for Dad to come to town! My father is a serious fix-it man and he enjoys taking care of those little repairs and household tasks. I also enjoy helping him. I always have. Over the years, I’ve become quite handy around the house and with the car and it all comes from watching and helping my dad.

We saw a movie. We walked together. I showed him around Charlotte. Basically, I enjoyed spending time with him. We talked and laughed and just enjoyed each other’s company. A while back, my dad was concerned that he couldn’t leave me a small fortune. He said he was getting older and he wanted to make sure I’d be okay if he was no longer here. His single-minded focus on ‘providing’ for me was having an adverse affect on our relationship.

I told him that he didn’t have to worry about ‘providing’ for me. I wasn’t concerned about him making lots of money for me as much as I was concerned about him making memories with me. First of all, I’m a grown woman and I do okay for myself. Secondly, if my Dad was no longer here, I’d rather have memories than money. We made a lot of good memories this weekend.

Once a Daddy’s Girl, always a Daddy’s Girl.

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