Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shoe Shopping, Life Lessons

Over the weekend, I went shoe shopping. I know that sounds like fun for most women but, I have a confession to make. As much as I love, love, love shopping for clothes (or home wares, or groceries or just about anything), I hate shoe shopping. I really do!

Yet, there I was trying on shoes. I found a cute pair and tried them on. They were a little loose. But, still, they were so cute! Maybe I could get used to them. I mean they weren’t that bad. And, did I mention, they were cute!

But I had to admit that it just wasn’t a good fit. So, I didn’t get them.

I wonder, though, how many things we have in our lives that truly aren’t a good fit. A job, a relationship, friendships? Are we settling for them because they are good enough or because we are afraid we won’t find anything better?

Changing the not-so-good-fit things in our lives starts with a bit of truth. We have to first admit that it isn’t a good fit. It’s too loose or too wide. It’s too small and it hurts. Maybe we’ve had them a while and what was once a great shoe is now wore and ragged.

Maybe you’ve outgrown the job. Maybe the relationship is confining or you’ve realized you can’t make it work. Maybe you are just tired of being sick and tired. Whatever the case, the truth is that it doesn’t fit.

Next, you have to be bold enough to make a change. In my case, I was at the register when I decided not to buy the shoes. As I looked at the shoe box, I saw the size, 8 ½ wide. I’m not a wide. It was the confirmation I needed. I was there, with my credit card ready to be swiped and I said “No thanks.”

You have to be bold enough to gather the requisite information and make your decision. Of course, changing your life isn’t nearly as easy as deciding not to buy a pair of shoes. But you need to start gathering the information you need to confirm your decision.

So I walked out of the store shoeless. I know there will be another pair of shoes with a perfect fit but I don’t have them now. I’m okay with that. In some instances, I could walk right into another store and found the shoes I wanted. In other cases, it will take more time.

When you make a change in your life, it could take some time before you find your perfect fit and you have to be okay with that (the exception is a job, do not leave a job until you have another one!). However, when you do take the leap of faith, make sure your next shoe, job, relationship has a great fit!

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