Monday, March 12, 2012

Using Your Powers for Good

Children, especially young children, live in a world of imagination. A little girl can imagine herself a princess of a magical fairy tale kingdom. She can also imagine herself chased through a dark forest with a big scary monster hiding behind every tree.

As we grow into adulthood, we put the magical fantasies away and becomes immersed in the real world - a world of characterized by problems and challenges.Yet, imagination is still there working quietly behind the scenes. Since life is often hard and challenging, our imaginations often follow suite. We imagine ourselves stuck in the same unfulfilled job or relationship. We imagine our minor health crisis turning into a major one. We imagine ourselves drowning in debt and a paycheck away from poverty.

We need to begin to harness the power of imagination for good and that starts with trading in negative images for more positive ones. The next time you find yourself in the midst of the negative imagining, try changing it to a more positive one. See yourself happy in a new job or relationship. Picture yourself healthy and happy. Imagine a life with your debt decreasing and your savings increasing.

When you imagine these things, get happy. Motivational speaker and author Anthony Robbins says that feeling intensify your thoughts and helps them stick. So when you think about your success, allow yourself to get excited about it.

Finally, when you take a step in the right direction - sticking to your diet, putting your resume on Careerbuilder or exercising - get excited about taking a step in the right direction. Imagine yourself doing it again and again. Imagine yourself paying off that bill or completing an even more challenging workout. Start imagining yourself succeeding and then you'll truly start to believe in your success. Start believing in your success and you'll begin to act in ways that will make you more successful. Before you know it, you will have turned your dream into a reality.

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Kent Julian said...

Thank you for sharing this article. I agree that when you start believing in your success, then you'll begin to act in ways that will make you more successful. And its about living a life that is well invested, and it champions living a life that’s all in!