Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go Karyn, It's Your Birthday (well, almost)!

Tomorrow I celebrate my 44th birthday!

I make a huge deal out of my birthday. In fact, I actually tried to get my friends to give me a flash mob in honor of the occasion (they didn’t get on board with that one). Tomorrow, I will treat myself to a massage and a Pandora bracelet. I will spend the evening surrounded by my friends at a great restaurant and cap the evening off singing at my favorite piano bar.

Last year, an acquaintance commented to me that most women ‘my age’ don’t make a big deal about their birthdays. Well, I guess I’m not most women. I told her I’d celebrate 43, 63 and even 103. The way I see it, another birthday beats the alternative! I’d rather celebrate with daisies than push them up!

I've enjoyed every age I've been. Trust me, I wouldn't want to be 18, 21 or 30 again. I have had lots of experiences (lots of good ones and my share of bad ones, too), met lots of people, made my mistakes and had my successes. I'm learning. I'm growing. I like to think I'm getting better with age. ; )

For me, my birthday is my personal New Year. It is a great time to reflect on the year that has passed and look forward to the year ahead. I love to set birthday goals. This year won’t be any different. In fact, I’ll be in Edisto Island, South Carolina next week, taking time to relax and reflect.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow and to the next year.

Happy birthday to me!

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