Monday, September 24, 2012

The Cold Hard Truth: Nothing Lasts Forever

The Cold Hard Truth is a five-week series designed to discuss things that people don’t really want to hear but need to!

Cold Hard Truth: Nothing last forever. Everything changes. People change, grow and move on. Circumstances change. Money comes and goes. At work, roles and responsibilities change, even if your job doesn’t.

Change happens. It’s about the only thing you can rely on. Friendships and relationships have grown and ended abruptly. My best friend and I have been friends since the 4th grade. Our relationship has changed over the years. She’s married with kids. I’m not. She’s still in our hometown. I’ve moved around. We’ve both changed and grown and although we haven’t taken the same path, we’ve grown in the same direction as far as maturity and spirituality.

Yet, I can point to other relationships that don’t have our longevity. Some of these relationships weren’t meant to last. Looking back, I can see that the specific person was in my life for a reason, a season or to teach me a lesson. When time was up, so was the connection. I don’t wish any of these people any ill will; they just weren’t long-lasting relationships. They weren't meant to be.

Jobs change, finances come and go, and the quality of our health fluctuates. When things are going well, I have learned to savor those times. When things aren’t going well, I know that change means that this too shall pass.

But, it isn’t just the tangible things that that change. At the very heart of the matter, we change. You aren’t the same person you were a year ago and the person you are now is not the person we are going to be in a year from now. We grow. We change. We are shaped by our relationships and our circumstances.

Trying to hold on to what we have, who we are and what we know is fruitless. Nothing lasts forever. Likewise, we can’t expect others not to change or grow either. The best we can hope for is that we change and grow together.

At first, nothing lasts forever sounds depressing. While some change might be unwanted, a lot of it can be embraced if we accept it for what it is. Who knows it could be a change for the better!

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