Monday, October 1, 2012

The Cold Hard Truth: Don't Focus on Your Faults

The Cold Hard Truth is a five-week series designed to discuss things that people don’t really want to hear but need to!

Cold Hard Truth: Too much time spent focused on your faults is a waste of time. I’m not a great money manager. Heck, I’m barely a good money manager. When my checkbook balances, it is a cause for celebration. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten a lot better. I’ve paid off most of my debt and my checkbook balancing is now a regular occurrence. There is room for improvement and I’m working on it but I’ll never be Warren Buffet – and that is fine with me.

When I look at the time I have available, I’d rather spend it on things that I enjoy and things that I am good at. Sure, I have to make time for improvement and to work on my weaknesses, but the majority of that time needs to be spent making my strengths stronger.

Working on my writing is a priority to me. As a self-published author, my writing isn’t just a hobby but a secondary source of income. It matters. Likewise, I am a good speaker but I can be better and possibly use it to augment my writing income.

Yet focusing on strengths isn’t just about income and professional success. Being a better photographer matters to me, it is an area where it is possible for me to be really good. It’s something that gives me a lot of satisfaction and to be a better photographer would be quite an accomplishment for me. Cooking is another area where I am spending more time. I love it when people love my food and it’s a feeling I never get tired off.

All of us are given the same 24 hours each day and we all need to do a better job of being more diligent about using that time. Focusing on an area where I only have the potential to be average at best isn’t a good use of my time, especially since there are areas where the pay-off financially, professionally, emotionally and socially is greater.

I’m not saying to put your head in the sand and ignore those areas of improvement or frustrations. By all means, give them their due. Yet, make as much of an effort, if not a greater one, in building on your successes and strengths as you do working on your weaknesses.

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