Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vacation Photos - Edisto Island

I spent the last week of September in Edisto Island, South Carolina. About 50 miles south of Charleston, Edisto is a quiet, sleepy uncommercialized island. Forget about going through a drive-through or eating at a chain restaurant, and if you are looking for nightlife, you need to look elsewhere. If you are looking for rest, reflection and relaxation, this is the place.

I came to Edisto in 2011 and fell in love with it. I knew I'd be back. This year I went with books, my journal and my camera in hand. Every day I walked the beach, read, journaled and traveled the island looking for phto opportunities. I never had to look long. The island is so picaresque that there is a great photo every time you turn around.

I returned to civilization a week later refreshed and renewed. A stay-cation for me isn't nearly the same as a vacation. Staying at home, even with time off, wouldn't have been nearly as effective. Some times you need to get away.

Headed to the beach!

Walking on the beach is like moving meditation.

The beach at dusk.
Just driving down the street was a wonderful experience.
Sunset from the island.

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