Monday, February 25, 2013

Failure Recovery: Recovery 101

Every Monday in February, this four-week series covers a four step process for getting back up after you’ve fallen down.

Knowing where you went wrong and what you would do differently is the basis for your failure recovery. This is where you bounce back. You fell down, now you are ready to get back up.

Trying and failing is better than not trying and all. Failing and not getting back up is equally as bad. The road to success is rocky and filled with mistakes, missteps, and disappointment. You drive through rain, fog and snow. Yet, for some reason, we expect smooth surfaces and sunshine for our journey. Wrong!

You’ve asked yourself, “What will I do differently this time?” This becomes to crux of your come back plan. Assemble your team – the people who have the advice, expertise and support you’ll need. What steps will you take.  And what are your Plan B’s? What are the problems you are most likely to encounter and what will you do if those things happen? If you fall down again, what will you do this time to get back up.

Don’t delay, start today. As soon as you put your plan together, begin implementing it. Success begins today!

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