Thursday, April 18, 2013


Surely, you deserve a pat on the back. What did you do? I really don't know. What I do know is that we are often so busy moving from one thing to the other that we don't stop to celebrate our successes. We are quick to state what's wrong, what we need to do better, what we wish we had worked out differently but we  aren't so quick to look at what is going right, what is working, and where things are on track or going towards plan.

Something is going right. It could be a relationship, work, friendships or family. Maybe you are getting close to paying off a bill or you resisted the urge to shop when you really wanted to. You could have lost five pounds. It's possibly that you were complimented on how well behaved your kids are. Or, maybe you finally stopped procrastinating and cleaned out your car.

It isn't bragging to acknowledge a job well done. Celebrate the five pounds you lost and you'll get the momentum to take on the next five. Maybe now that the car is clean you can move on to the closet (or the trunk of the car!).

After a while, cracking the whip and pushing yourself will stop working. Remember, the carrot and the stick? If you want to move the horse forward, you can crack the whip and the pain will propel the horse forward or you can hang that carrot in front of him and he'll move forward towards the pleasure of eating the carrot  You've cracked the whip, now it's time to try the carrot.

You have something to celebrate. Think about it and celebrate that success this weekend!

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