Thursday, April 4, 2013

Play time is over! ... Or is it???

The average four-year old laughs around 300 times a day. By the time, that child turns forty, the number of laughs per day dwindles to a scant four. Yes, you read that right. The average forty year old laughs four times a day! Granted, as we get older, life gets more serious. Work, worries and the world-at-large don't usually provide a lot of laughs. But come one ... four times in one day?

When you become an adult you are encouraged to put away childish things. And you should. Think about it. You pay the bills and create the environment that allows that toddler to laugh the day away. Adulthood and parenthood are serious business!

But, could it be possible that we take things (including ourselves) too seriously? Even as adults we need to make room for fun. We live this life only once and while we are here, we need to make time to enjoy ourselves just a little bit more. Laughter is a good sign that we are doing just that. To me, the first sign that a relationship is dying is the lack of laughter.

Learning to laugh at yourself and your situation is not a sign of immaturity but a sign that you are keeping things in perspective. As I started to gain weight, I came to the horrific conclusion that I had to buy pants in a larger size. It was almost noon when a co-worker and friend came up behind me and pulled off the sticker that had repeated, at least seven or eight times the size of the pants I had on. I was mortified! Yet, I had to admit, it was also pretty funny.

Granted, it wasn't the kind of thing that would have ruined my entire day but I made the decision to make light of it and the embarrassment I felt was very short-lived. I am not invincible. I make mistakes. When possible I chose to laugh when I can because it makes these little snafus a little more bearable.

However, as adults, I think we should reclaim more than laughter. We need to reclaim a few pages from the children's play book and reconnect with our curiosity and sense of wonder as well. I've seen several shooting stars and about two or three double rainbows. Why? Because I often look up. The stars and the sky are wondrous  I often look at the shape of the clouds when I'm out walking the dog.

Google is my best friend because it is a quick way to satisfy my curiosity. Want to know how many times a day kid's laugh? Google it. Learning shouldn't stop just because school does.

Laugh more often, take the time for wonder and work to satisfy your curiosity. Playtime isn't over quite yet.

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