Thursday, May 2, 2013

Get Happy

In any given day, you run a gamut of emotions. You are grouchy in the morning. You are annoyed and impatient with the traffic or the super slow driver in front of you. You get upset with a coworker who isn't pulling his weight on the project and tries to take credit for your work. You laugh at something funny the kid or the pet did.

Happiness isn't found in day, week, or month increments. It comes from in the form of moments. The trouble with moments is that they tend to be fleeting. By the time we realize it, it's gone, often replaced by something annoying, confusing, infuriating or kind of sad.  So how can we learn to appreciate the happiness we have?

  • Recognize the transient nature of happiness. It packs light because it won't stay long.
  • Savor the happiness you have. Take a moment to take it all in. Be fully present in those moments.
  • Let go of the mundane trivial emotions. You can't change the traffic so why let it get to you? Put on some music you love, call a fun friend and turn traffic into a happy moment.
  • Handle what you can and then let it go. Confront your co-worker or let your manager know who did the work. After you've done something about it, sometimes you can let it go (other times it might get worse, but, hey, that happens).
  • Seek happiness by spending some time each day with people you enjoy and doing things that are enjoyable. 
Try to bring as many smiles into your life each day as you can!

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