Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm a Fan

I am in awe of Susan Boyle, the Britain’s Got Talent contestant and You Tube phenom. Her first appearance during the audition phase of the show offered vindication for everyone who’s ever been written off as not attractive enough, too old or who just didn’t fit the stereotype of what a ‘success’ should be.

Susan walked onstage to laughter, sighs and rolled eyes. Everyone, including the judges had made up their mind about her before she'd uttered one word. When asked why she was there she said, “I'd like to be a professional singer,” and everyone laughed and snickered.

It all changed though when she opened her mouth. Before the end of the first verse the audience and the judges were rapt. People were on the edge of their seats, listening intently to the sounds coming out of the mouth of this frumpy, 48-year old woman who admitted that she’d never even been kissed!

This woman who had lived her entire adult life caring for her mother and who now lived alone with her cat; this woman who'd been the brunt of jokes and teasing from the neighborhood kids; this woman an unemployed church volunteer was having her MOMENT. And what a moment it was!

What had started amidst laughter and ridicule ended with tears of joy and an eruption of applause. The smug judges were humbled and offered their sincerest apologies. News of this sensation spread and within a week, her video had been played millions of times on YouTube.

Since then, Susan Boyle's even been on Oprah.

Needless to say, she made it into the competition and when she performed again, singing Memory from Cats, she confirmed that she was no fluke. This unsuspecting modest woman has the world at her feet and all because she took a chance and auditioned.

She was made fun of and laughed at but she knew that she had talent. She had enough confidence in herself and belief in her abilities to face the naysayers and prove them wrong. It took a lot of courage to set foot on that stage but she took the change. Talk about losing the excuses!

Susan Boyle is an inspiration. Watch her first perfomance (if you haven't seen it already):

**UPDATE: Boyle came in second place to a British dance group called Diversity. But she's still number one in my book!**

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