Monday, August 17, 2009

Live to Learn

It probably started early for me. After all, as the only child of a mother who taught junior high and high school (history and social studies) and a father who was an elementary school principal, I love learning. As an adult, I think the reason I first pursued journalism, and then training, and now coaching is because of that passion.

When I talk about learning, I’m not talking necessarily about pursuing a degree or a formal education although that is definitely one way to go about it. I’m talking about fanning the flames of curiosity that keep you wondering, how, what, who and why?

I love watching the History Channel or A&E the National Geographic Channel. The Internet has now replaced my childhood set of encyclopedias. I love the fact that any information I care to know about I can access. With my keyboard, a world of information is actually at my fingertips!

As I coach, I love helping people learn more about the most fascinating topic of all: themselves. What motivates them? What do they want most and why? What are their roadblocks and obstacles? If you approach life as one large learning experience then things like ‘failure’ or ‘frustration’ or ‘disappointment’ aren’t the end of the line. They become lessons you learn from and use as you move forward.

Indulge your sense of fascination. Dare to ask ‘why?’ Life is about learning and unlike grade school, you control the subjects you learn about and how deeply you delve into them. Never be afraid to learn more about yourself. Encourage your kids to learn. Be patient with their questions.

When you stop learning, you stop growing and when you stop growing, you start dying – maybe not today or tomorrow but a little bit at a time.

Dare to live! Live to learn!

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