Monday, December 28, 2009

The Year in Review

The week between Christmas and New Year's is filled with The Year in Review stories. What were the biggest songs and movies and TV shows of the year? Who had the best year? Who had the worst? What stories got the most attention?

When I do my goal setting workshops, I always start by having people do their own personal Year in Review. What happened this past year that was good? Maybe you found a great job or fell in love. You could have stopped smoking. Maybe you made some significant revelations about your life. Maybe you welcomed some wonderful new people into your life. Maybe you removed some not-so-wonderful people from your life. Or maybe you just found a hairstyle you loved. Big or small, there were a number of great things that happened this year and now it's a good time to acknowledge what worked, what went right.

In my workshops, I spend twice as long on what went right as I do on what went wrong or what didn't go as expected or planned. We tend to overlook the good and focus on the bad.

The bad things - the disappointments, the failures, the losses -seem to always be right in front of us, in the forefront of our minds and on the tips of our tongues. The good - the successes, small victories, the happy moments - aren't on the surface. We have to dig for them, sometimes very deeply.

As we prepare to go into 2010, take a little time to commend yourself for the things you have accomplished this year.

Celebrate you.

Oh, and next Monday, we'll be starting a whole new series: Win In 2010, where we'll be looking at what you can do to reach your goals in the new year.


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Celebrating the good is very important. You are right, we often focus so deeply on the negative that it totally outshines all the good we've accomplished and we NEED to celebrate the good.

Lynn said...

At the dinner table we always try to end on a good note. Asking each other 'what went good today?' really helps put things in perspective. We've got alot of good going on, we just need to pay attention to it.

My best, Lynn
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Jose Anajero │Internet Business said...

"As we prepare to go into 2010, take a little time to commend yourself for the things you have accomplished this year."

It has been another great year for me in my entrepreneurial journey of the past three years. I have yet to achieve my financial target but am no longer clueless how to, unlike few months ago.

God is good all the time!

Life is not easy but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Have a great year ahead Karyn...


Karyn Beach said...

Tee - It seems like the negative is always right in front of us and when it's not there is always someone there to remind us! We have to make a real and conscientious effort to find the good!

Lynn - that's a great dinner time ritual. You are so right, there is always a lot of good around if we pay attention!

Jose - Congratulations on your entrepreneurial journey. I am sure you will reach your financial target soon. Have a great year, as well! (and I'm sure you will, all of us will!)