Friday, January 22, 2010

The Great Organizing Giveaway

Giveaway ... I love, love, love this word. It normally means that you are getting something, and something for free at that! Since January is National Get Organized Month, it's the perfect time for The Great Organizing Giveaway. Creator Stephanie Callahan has reached out to organization experts, productivity professionals, and me! We've all contributed something to the giveaway. There are ebooks, audio programs, tip sheets and more.

On January 25, visit to see all of the giveaways that are available. There are categories for organizing your time, your home and your office.

Did you know that ....

  • 91 percent of people surveyd by the National Association of Professional Organizers felt they could be more efficient at work if they were better organized.

  • Overall, 71 percent surveyed indicated their quality of life would improve with more organization.
I'm excited! The Great Organization Giveaway will feature a number of tools that can help you finally reach your organization goals. And did I mention, they are free? What could be better??

Click here to go to the great organizing giveaway

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