Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Not Wrong to Receive

Volunteering, donations, supporting charities, and becoming a mentor, giving is good. We are supposed to do for others. In fact, as the Good Book puts it, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” It doesn’t however say,”It’s blessed to give and wrong to receive,” although that is how a lot of us take it.

Giving is good. We all get that. But there is a role for receiving as well. Let’s say your best friend’s birthday is coming up and you have just come into a windfall. You want to take some of your money and get her something she’s always wanted. It’s a bit pricey but you have more than enough to cover it.

Excited, you go out to the store, and get it. In fact, you get the top of the line version. Eagerly, you get it wrapped in the most beautiful paper and you set it up so that it’s a great surprise. In fact, it’s an event.

Finally, you give her the gift. You know she’s going to absolutely love it because she’s been talking about it for quite a while now. She tears through the paper and …

With her brow furrowed, she says, “Thanks, but I can’t accept this.”

It’s not an imposition, you explain. In fact, you had more than enough to afford it. She shakes her head.

“But, I’ve listened to you talk about this forever. This is exactly what you wanted, right?” You ask.

“Yes, but I can’t accept it. Sorry.” With that she puts the gift back in your hand.

Giving is great but when you don’t receive, you deny the other person the opportunity to give.

Often we feel guilty if we receive something wonderful. We feel we aren’t worthy. We think there are strings attached. We get suspicious. We feel guilty.

Good things can happen for us. Good things do happen for us. When they do, we need to be ready and willing to receive them with gratitude and enthusiasm. Allow people to give to you. Allow them to help you. Allow them to be there for you. Allow life or the universe or God, to answer your prayers and give to you as well.

Receiving isn’t wrong. It’s just part of the process.

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