Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Handbook: Something Old, Something New

The holidays. At times, hectic. Hopefully not horrific. Possibly holy (if you are so inclined). Occassionally hilarious. And, if we are lucky, for the most part happy. Join me on Mondays as we find a way to navigate the Season with style and smarts, and, most importantly, without losing our sanity.

One of the best part of the holidays are the traditions. The things that we love and remain the same year after year: grandma's pound cake, opening one gift at midnight, getting in the car with the family to view the Christmas lights.

Traditions create cohesion with the family. We need to encourage as much tradition as possible. I maintain that it's those fun family traditions that the kids will remember, much more than most of the gifts under the tree.

However, this is a good time to create new traditions, traditions that enforce the values you want to encourage.
  • How about taking the kids to buy gifts to donate to kids who are less fortunate?
  • How about having the family help distribute coats or gifts or meals?
  • What about having everyone read a passage from the Bible or the Torah to celebrate the true reason for the season?
  • What about making Christmas cookies or handmade holiday cards?
  • What about putting a gag gift or funny item into everyone's stocking?

Memories are made of this. : )

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Lose the Excuses said...

Just wanted to share that recently, I've been overtaken by what I can only describe as manic organizational energy. Seriously, I'm been on a clutter-clearing, reorganizing RAMPAGE!

However, I took a lot of the things I no longer needed and donated them to several charities. I gave my professional clothes to a job readiness program in Charlotte called Jacob's Ladder where participants are given clothes to interview in.

I took the rest to Crisis Assistance Ministry where they give (not sell) clothes and household items to people in need.

I was glad to be able to give to people in need. I can definitely see this becoming an annual tradition!