Thursday, July 14, 2011

Balancing Act

There is a lot of talk about balance. Juggling responsibilities, making time for work, family, friends, social obligation and, of course, self. But what does balance look like?

Well, I don't know. But, I'll tell you this much. It isn't perfect. Many people view balance as a pie with perfectly equal slices. Or a scale with both sides in perfect balance. Nothing could be further from the truth.

My definition of balance is making some time for the things that matter most. Sure you might like a weekly date night with the spouse or a monthly girls'(or guys') night out. It would be great to have hours a day to spend with the kids but the truth of the matter is that life will often prohibit that from happening.

Work demands, long commutes, errands, chores and the business of life encroach on our time. So to me balance is more about quality than quantity.

You might not be able to have date night every week but you can have some down time to talk at the end of the night or even have some nice conversations on the cell phone in traffic. You might not have hours a day with the kids but you can make the time you have count. You might love to curl up on an afternoon with a book but that's a luxury you cannot afford.

True balance is recognizing the ebb and flow of life. There will be times when work demands or family concerns are increased and you have to cut back in other areas. That's okay. Do what you can with what you have. When the crunch passes increase the amount of time for other tasks.

The key to balance isn't perfect symmetry and alignment. It's finding a way to incorporate the things that matter into your life in a way that gives you a little happiness and peace.

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Kari said...

My current mission statement is "to balance all areas of my life, including regular prayer and worship time, Bible study, house organization and yard beautification, exercise, schoolwork, family fun, and self care." Because I listed so many important aspects of life, I keep feeling like I'm leaving a lot out. Your blog helps me realize the "why" of it all is more important than the "what." My new mission as a person: "to incorporate the things that matter into [my] life in a way that gives [me] a little happiness and peace." Or a lot of happiness and peace! :) Just what I needed to hear. Thanks again, Karyn!