Thursday, April 26, 2012

Making Memories

My mother told me once that after I turned 25 I’d be amazed at how quickly time flies. She was right. In the blink of an eye, kids I used to babysit have kids of their own. While I was still having fond memories of my 10-year High School Reunion, my 20th crept up on me! Time flies. So it’s become important to me to capture memories.

Photos are a wonderful way to remember places you’ve been, the people you know and the person you used to be. In 2001, I traveled to South Africa. My camera was broken so my boyfriend let me borrow his. To my horror, I got half-way around the world only to find that his camera was broken too! I have vivid memories of that trip but what I don’t have are pictures. 

As a writer, I also keep a journal and I keep many of my old journals. Looking back, I have detailed accounts of experiences I had forgotten I had! LOL! I also have a great snapshot of what I was thinking and feeling at several important junctures in my life.

I’ve never been one for scrapbooking but people who do have albums and mementos they can truly treasure.

More than personal remembrances, your photos, journals and scrapbooks can live on and be passed down to your children and grandchildren. Those items can provide an intimate portrait of you and the times you lived in much better than ever could.

Time flies! So take some time to capture it!

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