Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring has Sprung

In Charlotte, North Carolina this year, we had no winter. In fact, it rarely even got cold enough to snow. The flowers bloomed early and we've pretty much had spring-like weather since late February.

Still, there is something about Spring.The flowers bloom. The trees are gorgeous. The days are getting longer. It's basically just a wonderful time of the year.

The thing l like best about spring is that its all about rebirth and new beginnings. Trees that appeared dead months before are vibrant and full of life. Days that were dark and cold are quickly becoming longer and warmer. 

Spring has a lot to show us about the cyclical nature of life itself. We all go through our own personal winters. We experience our own long dark days, the cold chills of misfortune, and sometimes blizzards of bad news. Yet, eventually, spring does come. Things might be different but they will get better. Spring is on the way with its warmth and beauty.

Spring comes every year and you can count on it. Bad times don't last either, they pass just like winter. If you are experiencing a dark time, this blog is for you. 

Your spring is coming. You can count on it.


Jerry Ackerman said...

Hi Karyn, Thank you for sharing this great post. It's true that even if we have dark days, misfortune, lots of bad news and gigantic problems. Still, you know that in time things will get better and everything will be okay. We just need to be optimistic that these struggles and obstacles won't last.

Karyn L Beach said...

Exactly, Jerry. The hard part is realizing this when we are in the midst of our struggles and not just with the 20/20 vision that comes with hindsight.