Monday, April 9, 2012

Watch What You Say

Your words color your current world and they even predict your future. Since they have that kind of power, it would make sense that we be very careful with the words we choose to describe ourselves and our situations.

Avoid Hyperbole
Hyperbolic language is extreme language. A rainy day becomes a raging storm. A cold become pneumonia. Don’t go overboard in describing your situation. If it really is that bad, by all means, say so. But if it isn’t, don’t go there. A cold is a cold and rain is just rain. Don’t use your words to build up your situation and make it more than what it is.

Making a bad situation worse is a great way to gain sympathy but it is a lousy way to improve a bad situation.

Be Specific
Vague words and sweeping generalizations can make a bad situation worse. You can say “My boss absolutely hated my presentation.” That could be true, but don’t use that sentence if is better conveyed as “My boss liked the presentation but she hated the figures I used to prove my point, she really questioned the numbers.”

Vague and unspecific language can create a paralyzing sense of overwhelm.  Productivity and positivity never arise from overwhelm.

Create Your Reality
Your words matter. If you feel you will never be promoted, you probably won’t be. In fact, if that is your belief and what you are speaking over your life, then your work will probably suffer as well as your attitude.  Believing you will be promoted doesn’t mean you will be promoted, but it does mean you will be more focused, more productive and more positive and that can open doors you may have not considered.

Your words have created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Be careful about what you say. It does matter.

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