Thursday, June 21, 2012

Become a Lifeaholic

Everyone knows what a workaholic is. These are people for whom work has become an addiction.

I had a boss who was so focused on work that after singing in the choir on Easter Sunday, she came into the office and put in six hours. While vacationing with her husband, we'd get no less than four calls a day to 'see how things were going.' On several occasions, she tracked me down, while I was in the bathroom, to have a quick 'discussion' with me. It was no surprise to anyone that she ended up losing her marriage and even her job because her singular focus was just too much. However, never one to learn a lesson, she went on to the next job and the cycle continued.

It's great if you love what you do. In fact, I consider enjoying your work to be a blessing. However, work should never be the
only thing you do. I remember very distinctly reading an article where nurses recalled the top regrets people shared on their death beds. Almost everyone regretted working too much. Their workaholism resulted in lost time with their spouses, children, and in general just time spent enjoying life. 

At my job, using our intranet, people were asked what they would do with their time when they retired. Respondents talked about spending time with family, traveling, or indulging a hobby. Me? I didn't respond. I don't have any intention of waiting until I'm 65 (or older) to start living. I want to do those things

Go ahead and devote yourself to work. I'm going to devote myself to life. I want to be a

Don't get me wrong. I understand the importance of work and will always work hard and give it my best. I'll work overtime when needed to get the job done, but that won't be all I do. 

I will always make time to laugh (or cry) with friends, keep in touch with family, travel when I can, enjoy a dance lesson or a cooking a new recipe. I will savor a beautiful sunset or a rainbow after a thunderstorm. I'll play with my dog. I'll make small talk with strangers in line at the store.

I will live every day as if it's my last because one day it will be. And when that day comes, I want to close my eyes and have little to no regrets when I do so because I lived, everyday, on my terms in my way ... and I had a grand time doing it!

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Laura Anderson said...

Thank you for this post. I am one of those who did not live life to the fullest. I was unhappy with my job, and I tried to put too many irons in the fire. I finally started on the path to a new career that has been work, but it has been worth it. Your blog post are great, helpful, and interesting to read. I would recommend them to anyone.