Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome to My Nightmare!

My major was journalism in college. Okay, it was broadcast journalism. Still, writing is what I spend a lot of time doing. In my day job, as an instructional designer, I write manuals, job aids and eLearning courses. In my spare time, I write four blogs. I use my life coaching skills to blog and in my Get It Together Girl workbooks. So, I’m always writing. I love it. I’ve managed to craft a life around something that I love to do and as essential to my preservation as breathing. Everyone should be so lucky.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed, what I’ve always suspected, to be a decline in the importance of writing academically. Math and science take precedence. Teaching to the test is the rule and not the exception and most test don’t include writing. And, please don’t get me started as to what texting and spell check has done to the average person's writing ability!

In an article posted on MSN, my suspicions were confirmed. Please read the following article on the decline of writing. 

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