Monday, July 30, 2012

Everyday Happiness

Be happy now.

Don't wait until you find a better job, a mate or a better home. Don't put it off until you finish school or the kids get older. Don't think that tomorrow will be better and there will be time for happiness then. Be happy now.

Think you can't be? Think again. Better yet, redefine your definition of happiness. Happiness can come from a big event like a wedding or graduation or retirement. However, those big events are few and far between. So how we you feel in the quiet times between those big events?

I've come to realize, in my own life, that happiness isn't necessarily a long, on-going period of bliss. Happiness is not the absence of any problems or obstacles, happiness is a choice and we chose to be happy, in spite of those things.

To be happy everyday ...

Don't sweat the small stuff, enjoy it! A great cup of coffee, a funny conversation with a good friend, something silly your child does. These are everyday moments of happiness.

Don't dwell on the bad stuff. When something annoying or irritating happens, learn to refocus your attention and let it do. Replaying that bad event in your head is a recipe for stress and most of us aren't happy when we are stressed.

Don't let others steal your joy. Don't allow someone else's bad mood or sour disposition affect you.

Don't inflict your bad mood on someone else. The goal is to have some happiness every day but that doesn't mean you won't have bad moods or unhappy moments. Of course you will. However, you don't have the right to inflict your bad mood on someone else. In those moments, try to stay as much to yourself as possible. And, remember, this (mood) shall pass.

Do prepare to be happy. I have YouTube clips on my computer that make me laugh. I have my favorite music cued up in my car. At home, I have Marty (otherwise known as America's Favorite Pooch) and his antics. I have friends on speed dial. All of these mood enhancers, can quickly coax me out of a momentary bout of moodiness.

Can you be happy all day, every day? Probably not (and still be considered sane). However, you can chose and prepare for more happiness than you already have and more happiness is always a good thing!

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