Thursday, August 2, 2012

BOLD: Beyond Obstacles Limitations and Doubts

Every human being has obstacles to overcome, limitations to deal with and doubts that nag them. The trick is not letting those obstacles, limitations and doubts get the best of us. We have to find a way to get over, move around and overcome them. I call this being B.O.L.D.

Overcoming obstacles is essential and we all have them. You might have to overcome childhood issues, economic realities or you may even have a physical obstacle to overcome. Even those who appear to have perfect lives have to overcome mental and emotional obstacles of feeling not good enough or undeserving of success or love.

Weaknesses or limitations can be just as hard to overcome. We like to focus on our strengths (and I think that is where we should spend most of our time) but we also have to recognize our limits. Once recognized, we have to have a plan for dealing with those shortcomings. The answer could be to work on that weakness and strengthen it. You do this by asking for help, learning more (either through formal or informal means) and practicing your skill until it improves. However, maybe instead of strengthening your weakness, you involve someone for whom your weakness is their strength. Hire someone, barter, or just team up with someone for whose weakness is your strength and vice versa.

Doubts actually serve a useful purpose. Doubts call our attention to areas where we need more information or where there are holes in our plans. We need to listen to those doubts and address the concerns they raise. When you uncover a doubt that is based out of fear and not a legitimate precaution then you can see it as what it is, a doubt masquerading as fear.

When we are BOLD, we empower ourselves and own our reality. We take control of our lives. When we accept our obstacles, live with our limitations and are plagued by our doubts, we relinquish control and ultimately our hopes for happiness and success on our terms.

So go forward with confidence and be BOLD!

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