Thursday, August 30, 2012

Changing Your Mind is Fine

It’s not just a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. It’s the prerogative of every thinking person to be able to change their mind. In fact, sometimes changing your mind is the only thing that makes sense!

You start with a plan. Of course, your plan is to follow your plan … but what if circumstances change? What if, while following your plan, you become privy to new information that compels you to go into another direction? What then?

Changing your mind gets a bad rap. It’s considered wishy-washy or inconsistent or silly to change your mind. Yet, changing your mind in light of new facts, or even a change in your feeling, is often the most mature, thoughtful and courageous thing you can do.

Stubbornly staying the course when you know a new course is in order is often born of insecurity or fear of what others may think. You don’t want to appear indecisive or wrong in the eyes of family and friends. You definitely don’t want to hear the dreaded “I told you so,” so you persevere even though you know you shouldn’t.

The reality is that other people can comment on your life and state their opinions, but what they can’t do is live your life – only you can do that. You are the only one living with the consequences of your decisions. Only you know the gravity of your situation. The truth is that even those closest to you spend less time thinking about you than you think. They’ve got their own problems to deal with and lives to live!

Still the critical comments of those closest to you can make you question your judgment. Have a few people in your corner to support you and encourage your decision. Going against expectations and risking the disappointment of family and friends is hard. It hurts. Having people close to you who understand your decision is essential.

Next, in light of new information, get calm and get clear. Look clearly and objectively at what you need to do. Does this new information mean a few new steps in your current plan or does it mean scrapping your plan all together and coming up with something entirely new?

Once you know your new plan, move forward with it. Keep your head held high. Move forward with the confidence of knowing that you are doing what is best for you.

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