Monday, August 6, 2012

Look Good, Feel Better

I volunteer for a local job readiness program (I volunteered daily when I was out of work). Every month we'd get a new class. In addition to helping them with resume writing and interview skills, we'd outfit them with two sets of interview clothes. I was always amazed when young men with sagging pants who walked through our doors not even knowing what their actual pants size was when they'd return from the dressing room in a suit and tie. Most often their demeanor and expressions would be dramatically different. There was a confidence that wasn't there before. Remarkable!

I read once that one of the first thing women ask for when recovering from catastrophic illnesses is a tube of lipstick. As they begin to feel better, they want to look better too.

Looking your best makes you feel good. Now looking your best is not the same as looking trendy or fashionable or breaking the bank of $700 Louboutin shoes. It is looking good for you - wearing what makes you feel good. It's worth the effort.

Think about the boost you get when you look in the mirror and actually like what you see. You feel ready to take on the world. It boosts your confidence and improves your outlook. It works!

Looking good isn't the answer to any deep-seated issues but it could give you that extra little something when you need it.

So take out your favorite dress, your best jeans and that top you love. Wear it and where it with pride. Because when you look good, you'll feel even better!

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